Is a Medical Deodorant Better than the Ordinary Antiperspirant?

Is a Medical Deodorant Better than the Ordinary Antiperspirant?

If your clothes’ armpits get soaked in a few hours after you get dressed without doing any manual work, you could be wondering whether you require a more powerful antiperspirant or a medical deodorant. Personal hygiene problems such as body odor and perspiration can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. But, there is no need for you to keep worrying. This post will break everything down and guide you on the aspect of sweating and various ways you can manage excessive sweating.

Understanding perspiration and body odor

Sweat and body odor are two separate and yet closely associated facts. The body produces perspiration via glands that push sweat through the pores. The body cools itself off when you sweat. Even though you have sweat glands all over the body (excluding your nipples, lips, and genitals), you have special sweating glands in your anal-genital area and armpits. The glands are placed near the end of the hair follicles. The fluid they produce is yellowish. Once this fluid combines with bacteria, a noticeable odor we often associate with sweat is given off. So, do you need to be concerned about how to prevent excessive perspiration or to disguise that dank smell that comes with it? Should you use an antiperspirant or a deodorant?

For many people, swiping an antiperspirant or deodorant insures them against an occasional sweat stain or odor. For others, sweating is caused by embarrassment and anxiety. Various manufacturers provide over-the-counter clinical-strength or prescription-strength products that can stop sweating. But, there are more effective options for individuals who struggle with out-of-control sweating: Amcal Mitchum Clinical

.Image for Mitchum Clinical Pure Fresh - 45g from Amcal

Considering medical deodorants

Most antiperspirants utilize aluminum salts as active ingredients. When these substances get absorbed into our sweat glands, they form a plug that can slow perspiration. Over the counter products (clinical strength) have higher aluminum salt percentages. There are even more efficient products – medical deodorant – availed with a doctor’s prescription. They contain more of aluminum chloride, an effective antiperspirant. No matter the medical deodorant you choose, you can only enjoy it when you use it correctly.

Do not just put your medicated deodorant at Amcal on after showering in the morning. Experts recommend that they are applied at night too because that’s the time when antiperspirants are more effective. Since you don’t sweat a lot at night, the medical deodorant will have a better chance to form a lasting barrier on the sweat glands and will not wash away when you shower in the morning. Consider applying in the morning and at night for extra protection.

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